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matthew labarge, larkenlyre, and cane bay cabaret
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Matthew Labarge has released seven albums of solo piano music, seven albums of mixed instruments as Larkenlyre, and an album of pirate-themed lounge music as Cane Bay Cabaret. He works tirelessly in a tiny studio in Blacksburg, Virginia to bring you albums that unfold like a novel, are worth listening to carefully, and still yield new insights after many listens.

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Off My Lawn album cover

Old Man Kelly is a charismatic band leader and a writer of classic timeless Americana songs. See this guy in any of his many musical combinations.

I'll sometimes play in his band The Streetsweepers, and I had the opportunity to play honkytonk music on his recent release, Off My Lawn. Just some guys playing in a basement- crazy good fun and homegrown independent music at it's finest.

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