Cinematic many-layered sonic sketches inspired by the short stories and novels of Jules Verne, Rudyard Kipling, Jack London, and Edgar Rice Burroughs. Larkenlyre is composer Matthew Labarge, with guest appearances by Chris Bocast, Eden Macadam-Somer, and Jimi Taft.

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It's easy remember how deeply I was absorbed when I discovered at the age of ten the tales of adventure set in faraway but real lands. Here I've tried to capture the exotic sense of place conveyed by some of these stories.

Each of the fourteen tracks is very different. Hundreds of instruments, real and electronic, were used, as well as dozens of objects, instruments, and environments I recorded and sampled. Each track is a unique sonic landscape unto itself, much like a great story.

I hope some of these pull you in, as they did me. For a limited time, download Music of the Extraordinary Voyages for whatever donation you choose.

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